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We are fortunate to have the expert services of Shaun Meredith-Jones as our webmaster who generously contributes time to keep our website active. Over the last couple of years he has developed it further & people tell us that it is looking very professional and easy to use.

We have many items of local interest and also a “notice board” for anyone who has an event or announcement to make. It also has a list of all local clubs/societies with contact details.

We also host a page, free of charge, for any local society or club which does not have its own website or which does not have computer skills – they just have to send to our webmaster their updated news or announcements etc, ideally by email but we also accept paper copies, and he will add it to their page on our website.
As an example take a look at the page we host for Albrighton Motion Picture Society (AMPS) which provides the details of the monthly trips to see films which they organise.
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Albrighton Station. Campaign to retain the Pedestrian Access Ramp
Efforts for this community project have now been going on for about 3 years and much information is on our website. To better undertake the work and to pool local expertise you may recall that our MP, Mark Pritchard, established a “Ramp Team” made up of representatives of the Parish Councils of Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel and the Civic Society. The Chairman of the Ramp Team is the Chairman of Albrighton PC and its Secretary is the Secretary of the Civic Society. The Ramp Team liaises with the other parties such as Shropshire Council, EE which owns the land, Network Rail and London Midland. We are also fortunate to have the active support of Shropshire Council Leader Cllr Malcolm Pate.

After reviews of various options to provide a safer footpath leading to the Ramp, the preferred solution was drawn up and Shropshire Council (SC) held a Public Consultation exercise ending on 12th January. A meeting of the Ramp Team with SC highway officers and their consulting engineer, Mouchel, was held on 9th February to review the outcome and how to move forward.
The proposed footpath scheme received about 90% approval with about 10% against.
SC will now complete the final design of the footpath works.
After discussion with our MP Mark Pritchard, he was able to obtain confirmation from Network Rail (NR) that they will replace the badly corroded bridge carrying the railway over Station Rd over the August bank holiday weekend with associated works taking place from about late July to mid September 2016. NR says they will keep the original “listed” cast iron parapet beams at the platform outer edges.
SC will carry out their footpath construction work in Station Rd after the new bridge has been lifted in to avoid damage by the heavy lifting equipment.

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