Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the

Albrighton & District Civic Society

held at APC Office, 82B High St, Albrighton,

on Monday 4th February 2013 at 2pm


Present :       

Peter Woodman - Chairman

Rod Smith – Secretary.

David Hughes – Treasurer

Sarah Baker

John Bulmer

Ron Kidson

Peter Leigh

Mike Pitchford

David Beechey – ex-officio, representing Donington-with-Boscobel PC

David Murray – ex-officio, representing Tong PC

Michael Ward – ex-officio, representing Albrighton PC (part of meeting)



1. Apologies  received from Alan Wilmot

2. Minutes of Meeting of 7th January 2013 were approved subject to any final comments regarding the notes on the discussion with Steve Brown and Cllr Malcolm Pate being sent to the Secretary by 8 February.

3.Main Issues

a) Station Heritage Centre.

Marked up list of potential funders received form Fiona Fortune. 

A meeting of SCTG to be 10.30 hrs Monday 11th February at 31/32 High St.

ACTION:  PW to contact SITA who run Bilbrook waste site for funds

RS asked if Alb PC had seen the details of the work to be carried out at the Station refurbishment by NR so that we locals could be confident that the result would be what was wanted and that the listed footbridge was properly refitted with its missing GW logos and date signs. DB said that the council had not asked NR for any information.

ACTION: PW to write to our contacts in NR to ask them to come to speak to committee members with such details.

[Post Meeting Note. The Society will hold a public meeting to focus on the Station refurbishment work and NR will make a presentation. It will start with Ernie Howells’s brief presentation of the history of the line/station. The Society will briefly explain the project to rescue the Station Building and ask for signed pledges of money.

Meeting 7pm to 9pm, Monday 8th April at Red House – please all try to attend]

b) Villages Entrance Scheme.

JB waiting for dry weather to weed spray Kingswood Rd/A41

c) Planters.

RS suggested that it would be useful to visit the locations with Cllr McLachlan in order to get formal approval of the Parish Council for the locations as she had raised concerns at the recent presentation to Albrighton PC. The Society’s insurance would not cover any incidents/accidents with the planters and they would be owned by the Parish Council.  MP read out the email of approval from Alice Dilly (SC Principle Traffic Engineer), based on photographs provided to her, for the four proposed locations and MW, on behalf of Albrighton PC, confirmed that as Alice Dilly had approved the locations then Albrighton PC were satisfied with the locations.

It was decided that one of the four locations, between Lloyds Bank and Rumbles Chip Shop, would not be used as bollards in this area are often hit by cars and there is the risk that chip shop waste may be put in the planter.

ACTION: DH will now transfer £1100 to Alb PC and MW confirmed that he will then place the order for the 3 planters. MP said that they could be delivered to his house (The Little House, Station Road, Albrighton WV7 3DL) from where they will be moved to their locations.

SB suggested that they should be bolted down as those at Shifnal had been stolen and she would ask her partner if he could carry out that work (he had bolted down the second set at Shifnal). RS suggested that the supplier be asked to provide suitable fixing holes in the planters but it was felt that the drainage holes would be satisfactory for this.

 d) Traffic Management and SAMdev.

ACTION: RS to write to Chris Edwards to ask him to allocate a SC person with traffic expertise to meet with us to discuss our proposal for an “overall planned approach” for traffic management.

We are still waiting for Alice Dilly to come to speak to us about her proposed Bowling Green Lane repair work. ACTION: RS to send another request to Alice Dilly for her to meet us to view BGL.


4. Matters arising

a) School Award Scheme

PW had met the new head of St Mary’s and she had agreed to participate.

b) Village Green Roads

DB stated that Paul Joseland had found, in the County Archives, documents stating that Alb PC owns the roads. DB has written to the Association of Councils legal department to ask for their views.

c) Flower Show

RS said that Sue Pate had asked if the Society could run the annual competition for the Bulmer Cup. It was decided that the Society has already more than enough commitments, however JB kindly offered to act as a judge and presenter of the Cup if he was available at the time. ACTION: RS to write to Sue Pate

d) Public WC in Crown Car Park

At the last AGM there was overwhelming support by more than 150 members that a WC facility was retained especially as there is to be a signage scheme to encourage more visitors/tourists into the village – hence the Society had an interest in this issue. MW advised that he and Cllr Nelson are handling matters on behalf of Albrighton PC. MW advised that SC own the building and that the automatic toilet is owned by Healthmatic company who tell Alb PC that to continue with it will cost approx £9000 per annum. Alb PC had told Healthmatic that this is too much and asked that they come back in January with new proposals. At the Alb PC meeting Cllr Nelson said that Healthmatic had told them that if they are asked to remove their equipment that a payment of many thousands of pounds would need to be paid by Alb PC. Several members asked if such a penalty was shown in the current contract with SC but MW said Alb PC had not seen this contract. PW suggested that as a starting point Alb PC should ask for a copy of the contract between SC and Healthmatic.

ACTION: MW agreed to ask SC for a copy.  PW offered to provide, without any cost to Alb PC, legal advice on the contract to try to assist Alb PC to deal with the matter

e) McKeand Smith Planning Application

RS tabled the drawings and the Application to turn the offices and barns into 8 dwellings and to add an extension to the weighbridge (at the junction of the track, leading to McK & Smith, and Shaw Lane) to make a small house. The proposal was felt to be a good thing and should be supported in principle. However to assist the development of the proposal to have parking on the land to the south of the Station approach ramp or on the white land to the south of the track or to have a land swap of these two land areas then a right of way for pedestrians and vehicles across McK & Smith’s track should be made a condition of granting of approval. ACTION: PW to send a letter to SC Planners

f) Fayre.

MP said a letter had been sent to organisations saying the Fayre committee had resigned and that there would be no Fayre this year. ACTION: SB would contact Sam Horrobin and Sandra Kirkland to offer the Society’s help and would contact other organisations to see if they will help and to see if a new Fayre committee could be formed. SB would be the Society’s representative on any such committee

 Any Other Business

a) RS will send an article for the Parish Magazine and will feature the Planters and a tear-off slip asking for volunteers for Society work

Next meeting:  2 p.m. Monday 4th March 2013

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 8th April 2013


All Committee Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are on the first Monday of each month at

Alb PC Offices, 82B High Street, Albrighton WV7 3JA (T: 375455).

(All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October

– NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY: next AGM is at 7.30pm on 14th October 2013)