Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the
Albrighton & District Civic Society
held at 31/32 High St, Albrighton,
on Monday 6th October 2014 at 2pm

Present :       
Peter Woodman - Chairman
Rod Smith - Secretary
John Bulmer
Kate Fletcher
Bob Hickson
Ron Kidson
Alan Wilmot

1. Apologies received from Sarah Baker, David Beechey, Peter Leigh, Mike Pitchford & David Thomas. Michael Ward (ex-officio representing Albrighton PC) did not attend.

2. Minutes of Meeting of 1st September 2014 were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report.– deferred until next meeting when treasurer will be present.

4. To consider progress in regard to following main issues
KF reported:-  The next Arts/Craft Fayre will be held on Sat 1st November.
The committee is considering holding an Arts Festival in the autumn of 2015, similar to that at Codsall which is in the summer. After the next Fayre, the committee plan a review of strategy and KF wants to involve more local arts/crafts people. On 29th November is the presentation of the prizes of their Literary Competition

b)  Albrighton Station Pedestrian Access Ramp
RS reported that at Mark Pritchard’s meeting of NR, LMT, the four PCs and representatives of the Civic Society on 5th September he advised that he had to remain in the house of commons and delegated Cllr Pate to chair the meeting. Major steps forward were taken. Extract from the press release “Network Rail has offered to provide the new lighting and London Midland has offered to carry out the operational maintenance as it does for the rest of the station and to pay for the lighting electric consumption. Albrighton PC, as lead for the four PCs, will take responsibility for the ramp subject to risk assessment and insurance cover. Shropshire Council has prepared various options for a new footpath, joining up with the foot of the ramp in order to make the area safe for both pedestrians and traffic.”
ACTION PW will draft some Heads of Agreement to deal the interface between the various parties as a first step and as a help to their preparation of the legal agreements with their own legal advisors.

c) Rescue of Station Masters’ Building. PW has contacted the owner and explained that our attempt to obtain funds has not been successful and that we, and those who helped us, have had to abandon the project to turn the building into the Station Heritage Centre. He was very understanding and thanked us for our efforts to do this. He will now look to other possibilities, He is also open to any suggestions. ACTION: PW will formally write to Alb PC to notify them as they had agreed in principle to be the legal owners had the project succeeded.

d) School Awards Scheme 2015. PW had discussed the theme with the schools and it was now agreed to be: “Buildings old and new in Albrighton & district”.


e) SAMDev. It was agreed that we would continue to press for an “Overall Comprehensive Review of Traffic Issues”. RK advised that we also need to get this point included in the Albrighton Place Plan and that the Society wishes to speak at the public meeting.
ACTION: PW to inform the public meeting organisers. PW to write to Keith Barrow, Chief Executive of SC (cc Cllr Pate) to ask for a meeting with SC.

5. Matters arising
a)  Promotional brochure/presentation
BH tabled two different examples of folder. It was agreed to use the folder with plastic pockets. Everyone said that the document would be very useful and thanked BH for this initiative.  
ACTION: BH would make three copies for passing round at the AGM next week.
ACTION All: The pages in the folders would be kept updated by BH who would rely on those associated with the various items to send him any new information as the projects/initiatives developed.


b) Villages Entrance Scheme
JB reported that the next working parties would meet at:-
Kingswood Road/A41 at 9am on Saturday 29th November and at
Patshull Lane/A464 at 9am on Saturday 1th December.
ACTION: RS to ask Shaun to add the notice to our website


6. AOB

Next  meeting:  2p.m. Monday 3rd November 2014 at 31/32 High St. (Peter Woodman’s house). 

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 1st December 2014


All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October

Public Meeting & AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 12th October 2015