(Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel and Tong)


September Committee Meeting
The September meeting was held on-line by Zoom due to the Covid government guidelines. While not creating the usual atmosphere we did manage to cover the important aspects which have arisen.

Bus Shelter opposite the Co-op on the High St
It was reported that this shelter is looking very scruffy and needed some clean up. Although the shelter is not owned by the Parish Council, a request will be made to see if some cleanup work could be organised by the Council.

Weed build up along Cross Road
Residents have warned about the weeds now growing in the holes of the hollow kerbs along the stretch between Albert Rd and the High St. These hollow kerbs act as kerbs and drains and receive the rain water from the road gutter and lead it away to the main drainage pipework under the road. Apart from the scruffy weedy appearance, if the weeds block, even partially, the hollow kerbs then there is a risk of flooding on the road and any properties adjacent to the road, or the streets off Cross Rd, may be at risk. This point will be brought to the attention of the Parish Council with a request that Shropshire Council is contacted and asked to deal with this as a matter of urgency.

Shropshire Council’s “Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan 2016 to 2038”
This Plan is Shropshire Council’s new proposals for housing, employment areas, infrastructure etc for the period up to 2038.
Shropshire Council (SC) is now consulting residents, businesses and local councils and comments on their proposals have to be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 30th September 2020.

A copy of the Plan and associated documents may be viewed or downloaded from › local-plan-partial-review-2016-2036

Details of how to send your comments are shown elsewhere in this magazine. However the Parish Council has provided Reply Forms and a Guidance Note which may be collected from the table in the lobby of the Parish Council office during current library opening hours

AGM Monday 12th October 2020
Due to the Covid regulations we cannot hold the usual face to face meeting so we will hold the
Public Meeting and
Annual General Meeting on-line by Zoom
at 7.30pm
on Monday 12th October 2020

In order to join the meeting you will need to receive an invitation email from us and then click on the link within the email a few minutes before the start of the meeting.
Please contact Peter Woodman to request the invitation email
by email to
or  call 01902 372225

A small part of the public meeting will be the Annual General Meeting of the Society where a new committee (& its Officers: Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer) will be elected. In accordance with the Constitution, nominations for the election of Officers & Committee Members should be sent to the Secretary (Elwood House, Cross Rd, Albrighton WV7 3RA) in writing together with the nominee’s written consent at least 7 days before the Annual General Meeting. (Nominations to be received by the Secretary before the strict deadline 7.30pm Monday 5th October 2020).
Such nominations shall be supported by a seconder & the consent of the proposed nominee must first have been obtained. The proposer, seconder & nominee shall be Society members. The nomination shall be by letter with signatures of the proposer, seconder & nominee or on a Form available from the Secretary.
For more details of the public meeting please see further notices.

For more information please see   www     or contact:
Peter Woodman – Chairman (T: 372225) 31/32 High St  or Rod Smith - Secretary (T: 372765)