(Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel & Tong)



Garden/Flower Competition

By the time this article is seen in the magazine the judges will have been round the four villages and chosen the winners of the Best Hanging Basket/Container, the Best Window Box and the Best Front Garden. The Bulmer Cup for best overall winner and Certificates for the best in each class will be presented at the AGM/Public Meeting in the Red House on 11th October. Our thanks to all residents who have made such a great effort with their flower displays which enhance all four villages and makes a good impression to visitors and cheers up the whole community.



The committee, like many of our members, have seen the deterioration of the roads in Albrighton, particularly the enormous potholes in Station Road, the High Street and Cross Road. Some pothole repairs were recently carried out in parts of Cross Road but the road is still like a tank assault course. Some potholes in the High Street were filled in but soon deteriorated again. Potholes in Station Road will soon become big enough for a deep children’s paddling pool. These roads are particularly dangerous for cyclists and motor cyclists and even for pedestrians crossing the road, not to mention the damage being caused to four wheeled vehicles. Shropshire Council is responsible for the roads and although many have reported these problems nothing seems to happen. One of our members has had a running correspondence with officers and Shropshire Councillors over the last few months but all he seemed to get from the officers was a set of road surveys and advice that there are many worst roads in the county and these take precedence. The Civic Society will continue its pressure on SC for some action.


Lottery campaign for more subscribers

We are pleased to hear that the Friends of Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery (FASPL) and the Swimming Club are planning an event on Saturday 17th July (it would have been the Fayre Day) to encourage more residents to join up to the Lottery. We are pleased to say that the Civic Society has received an invitation from FASPL to join them with our own stall so that we can renew subscriptions and sign up new members. We look forward to meeting old and new members.


Whiteacres Development (also known as East of Garrige Close Development)

A revised planning application has been issued but we have not yet seen it.


The so called ‘Field Development’

Residents have reported that the owner of the field behind the houses at the south end of Shaw Lane, at the east side, has notified his intention to build houses between the existing Shaw Lane houses and the Millfield Development (Boningale Homes). His developer has made enquires to buy one of the bungalows/houses in order to demolish it in order to form a traffic access into/out of Shaw Lane. It is not clear if he proposes to also connect the drainage into the old and overloaded sewer in Shaw Lane. This would appear to be a situation developing similar to Jessup’s proposal at the north end of Shaw Lane which was opposed by the Civic Society and its offshoot Albrighton Development Action Group (ADAG) and others and which defeated Jessup’s plans. A better alternative would appear to be to connect traffic access and drainage into the rear of the Millfields site now under construction?  


School Awards Scheme – 2020 Theme: St Mary’s Church

All three primary schools will complete their submissions before the end of June.


For more information please see   www     or contact:

Peter Woodman – Chairman (T: 372225) 31/32 High St  or Rod Smith - Secretary (T: 372765)