Albrighton Relief in Need Charity


This Charity, formerly known as the Poor's Trust was registered with the Charity Commission in 1973 following the merger of the following local charities:-


The Charity of Sophia Jane Bishton, established in 1969

The Charity of George Molineux, established in 1906

The Charity of Thomas Chapman, established in 1655

The Charity of Catharine Gratiana Johnson, established in 1874

The Poor's Land, including the Charities of Southall, Roger Brooke and George Bromle, established in 1682

The Charity of Mary Waltho (alias Walters), established in 1783 


At one time the Charity's assets included the two houses in Station Road that originally formed the Albrighton workhouse and, until recently, a piece of land measuring approximately four acres and lying between High House Lane and the A41. Its current assets are invested with CCLA investment Management Ltd to provide an annual income of approximately £2,500 which is used to provide temporary relief and support for "persons resident in the Parishes of Albrighton and Boningale who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress". The only restrictions on the type of support provide are that it should not repeat or duplicate the type of relief provided by statutory agencies and should not have any adverse effect on legitimate benefit entitlements.


Typical examples of the types of support that have been given in the past are as follows:-

  • Arrangements for a recuperative holiday
  • Travelling expenses for individuals attending interviews
  • Assistance with funeral expenses
  • Provision of specialised computer equipment
  • Gifts of clothing


The current trustees of the Charity are Revd Roger Balkwill (Chairman), David Beechey (Secretary/Treasurer), Mrs Diana Crawford, Mrs Gillian Hughes and Mrs Sue Pate and we are always anxious to hear of individuals who may have need of our help. It goes without saying that any such referrals are always treated with confidence. 


For further details please contact:-


Mr David Beechey

34 Station Road




T: 01902 372779