Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the
Albrighton & District Civic Society
held at APC Office, 82B High St, Albrighton,
on Monday 1st July 2013 at 2pm

Present :
Peter Woodman - Chairman
Rod Smith – Secretary
Sarah Baker
John Bulmer
Ron Kidson
Peter Leigh

1. Apologies received from David Beechey, David Hughes, David Thomas, Michael Ward, Alan Wilmot, Mike Pitchford

2. Minutes of Meeting of 3rd June 2013 were approved.

3. Main Issues

a) Station Heritage Centre.
Albrighton Arts & Heritage Forum (AAHF)
SB reported that MP has opened a bank account at Lloyds, Albrighton with any 2 out of the 3 officers to sign cheques. Officers in this first year, and until an election at the next AAHF AGM, are Chairman: SB, Treasurer: MP, Secretary: not yet chosen. Committee Members are: RK and PW.
SB reported that four people will sell their wares at the AAHF stall on Albrighton Fayre day

b) Station
Temporary Access Ramp to Platform 1
ACTION: RS to ask David Rogers at NR for a meeting.

c) Planters.
MP had made a presentation to Alb PC with a proposal that the slight crack on one Planter be repaired (the Society had got someone to do this at no cost) and due to the fault had negotiated a large discount with the supplier for purchase on a 4th Planter. MP had sent the background papers to the clerk for circulation to the councillors prior to the meeting but they did not appear to have either received or read them nor had they inspected the damaged Planter. At the formal council meeting which followed MP’s presentation they decided that the cracked planter should be collected by the supplier in Yorkshire and he should be asked to dig out the soil and replant a replacement Planter.
The ADCS committee was disappointed to hear how Alb PC had dealt with this item and as MP was unable to participate once the formal council meeting started was unable to help provide the information needed to enable them to fully appreciate the situation. ADCS was unhappy about this outcome and as ADCS had provided about 2/3 of the funds for the Planters MP would speak to DB. [Post Meeting Note. DB had kindly agreed that no action would be taken regarding contact with the supplier and the matter would be reviewed later]

The facility which enabled members of the public being able to address the Parish Council in the 15 minutes prior to the council meeting was discussed in light of the unsatisfactory procedure relating to the planters. Others also reported experiences in the past which showed that the procedure should perhaps be examined to see if improvements could be made.

d) Traffic Management/Village Plan/SAMDev.
RK reported that he had again put to the Plan Committee the Society’s strong suggestion that the “need for a comprehensive and overall review of traffic issues” be added to the Village Plan Light. This was voted on with RK and David Murray in favour and Malcolm Pate, Don Hickman and Peter Hurlstone against adding this point.
At the recent public meeting for the Village Plan, the issue of traffic access to and from the proposed housing development at White Acres raised a lot of concern, especially by residents of Garridge Close, Newhouse Lane and nearby.
ACTION: PW to bring to the attention of the local press the need for an overall comprehensive review of all the various traffic issues in the district.

e) Village Entrance Scheme
Dave Thomas had got some Boningale volunteers to mow the grass at the Patshull Lane/A464 areas (Boningale side). The society was very grateful to DT and these volunteers but
ACTION: PW would again chase up SC to get Ringway make a remedial mowing soon and to advise the dates when it will be done so that we could go to check that they are doing it properly and to avoid the unsatisfactory results of last time.
SB reported that Matt Witts at the Ironmongers has offered to look after one of the entrances. ACTION:SB will now discuss with him to see if he will regularly mow the two areas at Patshull Lane/A464 (Boningale side).
The committee put on record its thanks to David Hughes who has looked after and mowed the grass at the Patshull Rd/A464 area (Albrighton side) for a year now – this area looks very smart and is a good model for other areas

f) Village Green Trees
JB reported that he had carried out a survey and subsequently Alb PC had commissioned a Tree Survey which has now been received by the PC who are reviewing it.

4. Matters Arising
a) Fayre 13 July 2013
Arrangements essentially as last year but more volunteers are needed. Donations of bottles for the Stall to PW.

Next meeting: 2 p.m. Monday 5th August 2013.

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 2nd September 2013

All Committee Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are on the first Monday of each month at
Alb PC Offices, 82B High Street, Albrighton WV7 3JA (T: 375455).

(All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October
– NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY: next AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 14th October 2013)