Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the
Albrighton & District Civic Society
held on Monday 1st March 2021 at 2pm

Present :        
Peter Woodman – Chairman
Rod Smith – Secretary
Mike Pitchford - Treasurer
Ron Kidson
Gaynor Richards
Phyl Woodman
David Beechey (ex-officio representing Donington-with-Boscobel PC)

1. Apologies received from Peter Illes and David Thomas (ex-officio representing Boningale PC)

2. Minutes of Meeting of 1st February were approved

3. Treasurer’s Report.– MP reported on his discussion with our Public Liability insurers but they would not make a discount or a roll-over or similar as we are currently not having activities nor meetings other than on-line. So MP has cancelled the policy and expects to receive a refund of £47.20 in due course.

4. To consider progress in regard to following main issues

a) East of Shaw Lane development. PW reported his discussion with David Thompson who said that he had had a positive discussion with Clive Jessup.

Field Development (behind Shaw Lane at the south end of Shaw Lane). A Builder wants to buy a house in order to demolish it to create the access onto Shaw Lane. No planning application yet received. It is thought that Michael Stirk and his sister own the field. If the developer’s plan is to have traffic access (and drainage connection?)  to Shaw lane than these are the same issues as was created by Jessup who’s planning application was eventually defeated by ADAG etc. Need to keep an eye on this and to mobilise ADAG again as necessary.

b)  Whiteacres Development – no news.
However building at Greensleeves, High Street has started. PW had asked SC Planners to have this decided by the planning committee and Malcolm Pate, as our Shropshire Councillor, had made a similar request.   It would seem that SC had ignored these.
ACTION: PW to write to SC for an explanation.

d) Station Parking. Still no response from Mark Pritchard.

e) Website. Shaun Meridith-Jones’s comments had been circulated prior to the meeting. It was agreed that the previous decision would be reversed and that website would be kept and that GR would provide input to Shaun and also work with him to keep the site updated.
ACTION: RS will advise Shaun of this decision. GR will contact Shaun
How to set up a Face Book page was deferred until later.

5. Matters arising
a) Defibrillator outside Red House. It was reported that APC staff check daily that it is in the cabinet

b) Metal bollards in the High St are looking scruffy and need painting.

c) RK reported that the usual gulley cleaning truck is unsble to remove the solid debris at the bottom of the worst affected gullies

6. AOB.   


Next  meeting:  2pm. Mon 12th  April 2021 by ZOOM < Please note this is the second Monday in April
(first Monday in April is Easter Monday holiday)

Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 10th May 2021


Note for your Diary
Public Meeting & AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 11th October 2021        
All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October