Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the

Albrighton & District Civic Society

held on Monday 5th July 2021 at 2pm

at Harp Pub Garden


Present :        

Peter Woodman – Chairman

Rod Smith – Secretary

Phyl Woodman

Cllr David Beechey (ex-officio representing Donington-with-Boscobel PC).

Cllr David Slatcher (ex-officio member from Boningale PC).


1. Apologies received from Gaynor Richards, Ron Kidson, Roger Rudman, Peter Illes, and Mike Pitchford


2. Minutes of Meeting of 7th June 2021 were approved


3. Treasurer’s Report.– MP on holiday


4. To consider progress in regard to following main issues


a) Progress with Website update. GR was on holiday but had reported that all was going well and she and Shaun were now looking for new photographs and also they needed some updates by some  Local Groups for their page hosted by the website


b) Field Development (behind the south end of Shaw Lane). Await development or receipt of a planning application.


PW had written to Ian Kilby (Head of SC Planners( with a request for the Society to be a consultee and to receive applications for all four parishes. Ian agreed and this was now being actioned by SC.


c)  Whiteacres Development   (20/03508/FUL) – the Planning Application had been refused by the SC Committee in spite of support by the SC Planning Officer.

[Main Reasons for refusal: Non compliance with SC Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Adopted Plan (December 2015) and Site ALB002a in the Albrighton Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) 'Light'(June 2013)) which was for “ largely comprise appropriate housing for occupation by people of retirement age” and also “likely to result in an unacceptable increase in the level of traffic on Garridge Close, as a result of the deviation from the envisaged type of housing”]


d) Flower/Garden Competition. John Bulmer had led the judging panel on visits around the district and winners had been chosen with the awards to be made of the Public Meeting on 11th October.

The judging panels were impressed by the large number of gardens and flower displays which improved the village and residents should be congratulated.


f)  School Awards Scheme. All three schools on schedule to submit their entries this week - the topic (St Mary’s Church). As there is no Fayre Day this year, the award of Cup and Shield and certificates will probably be made at each winning school.


5. Matters arising

a). Possible Street Market. RR was on holiday but he had reported that out of about 40 leaflets given to traders about 20 had been returned and all but one supported the project with some offering help. The committee read through the comments on these 20 responses. When RR is back some traders will be asked to meet with the committee to discuss the project further and to see which traders will take a lead.




b) Swim Albrighton, Swim Safe – event on Sat 24th July

The Chairman and Secretary had attended a planning meeting Friends of the Albrighton Swimming Pool Lottery (FASPL). Society to collect subs and recruit new members – MP will be there with the register etc- RS has obtained John Bulmer’s agreement for him to donate of some plants to sell for Society funds. Arrangements for the day and who will provide what are covered in emails sent by Dave Brady.



6. AOB.   


a) SAMDev Document currently includes a sentence in reference to the land allocated for housing east of Shaw Lane  “...to facilitate an eventual through-road from Kingswood Road to the northern end of Shaw Lane”.

Jessup’s development had his road lined up with the Boningale Homes road at the south end, which led to Kingswood Rd, but ALSO connected to the north end of Shaw Lane via the widened school drive which was one of the reasons for the Jessup Application to be refused.

It was agreed that sentence from SAMDev should be removed to avoid a future developer of the “old Jessup site” from using that requirement to again propose traffic being connected to Shaw Lane.

DB confirmed that he had written to Ian Kilby and requested this. It appears that the only way to implement this change is to do so by the SAMDev update procedure for which we need some information.



Next  meeting:  2pm. Mon 2nd August  2021. It is currently planned to meet in the Harp Pub Garden but this may be changed to 31/32 High St depending on the Covid rules at that point



Following Meeting will be at 2pm on Monday 6th September  


Note for your Diary

Public Meeting & AGM is at 7.00pm on Monday 11th October 2021        

All future AGMs are on the second Monday of October