The Albrighton and District Civic Society was established in 2009 and its objectives are:-
To preserve, develop and improve the amenities, environment and other features of the area which combine to make pleasing conditions in which to live and work

To stimulate public interest in the care for the character, beauty and history of the area

To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in the area.

The Civic Society district encompasses the four parishes of Albrighton, Boningale, Donington-with-Boscobel and Tong and membership is open to all residents of these parishes and those who are interested in actively furthering the purposes of the Society. The society is managed by a committee of 8 members plus 4 ex-officio members representing each of the four parish councils. Open public meetings are held to which all members (and residents who have not yet joined) are invited.

There are many Civic Societies across the UK with over a quarter of a million people who have pledged their support to making a difference to the places and environment in which they live. It is strongly believed by the founding members of the Albrighton and District Civic Society, that if residents give their support to the objectives set out above, the Society will make a very positive impact on the environment in which we live.


Contact: Peter Woodman, Chairman 01902 372225, Rod Smith, Secretary 01902 372765